Posted On: 2022-03-08

Temperature controlled storage & production rooms

Here at SIM we manufacture walk-in freezer rooms for the food sector which is an area we are proud to say we have had over 30 years of experience in with our highly skilled and experienced team of workers.

The Quadcore cold store panels are designed specifically for use within the food and drink industry in applications such as food manufactures, temperature controlled storage and production rooms.

Applications: Quadcore Cold store panels can be laid vertically or horizontally and are suitable for internal and external applications.

These panels come in a variety of different lengths ranging from 1.8m to 21.0m Also, they vary in thicknesses ranging from 50mm to 220mm.

These panels are specialised to withstand temperature between -40 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius.

In the food and drink industry we are aware of the strict hygiene regulations that need to be met therefore, we ensure that all our materials can be easily cleaned and well kept. Once the panel system has been installed its innovative joint system has been designed to withstand high pressure washing and regular cleaning.

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