Posted On: 2022-03-07

Internal White Walling Projects

Here at SIM we have seen many projects over the years. One recent project we have taken on is for the installation of a chilled production area. When we construct a production room for food factory’s we use insulated panels that come in a wide range of sizes, colours and thicknesses. There are many benefits by using this product such as its ability to maintain the correct temperature for the chilled product halls which is because of the good U value that comes with the insulated panel systems that we use. Also the panels are visually appealing and give a clean look once finished.

White walling is commonly mistaken for hygienic cladding systems. There are many differences between the two systems some being that hygienic cladding is commonly used to be stuck on top of an existing structure whereas composite panels can be used to create a new free standing structure, for example a walk in fridge or freezer. Also hygienic cladding does not have any insulated properties so cannot be used as an insulator whereas White walling panelling is a great insulator which is why it is so commonly used for chilled storage areas.

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