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Originally established in 1993 under the name of Specialist Insulation Maintenance which is the meaning behind the much more known name of SIM. Working from home at the age of 23 the business was based on providing maintenance and repair work to the food industry.

Overtime the business has developed and now provides a wide range of services from full white wall panel installations to electrical engineering.

To this date the company still remains a family business, however it has steadily progressed from a one man band to the development of manufacturing facilities, a company fleet of seven commercial vehicles, a wide range of skilled and qualified staff.

SIM Ltd has become the successful business that it is today due to the strong partnership between myself Simon Bawden and my wife Louise Bawden who has offered me continuing support especially during the early years.

To find out more about how SIM can help you, call 01724 279625, email simon@simsupplies.co.uk or visit the rest of our website for details.

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